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I’m a self-taught developer. Using what I learned from the occasional class, book and seminar. I’ve put together reporting tools, utilities and small web sites.

I enjoy developing applications. I love the feeling of creating an application that people can use. Developing has the little puzzles; the challenges that can stop a person in their tracks. Being able to tackle those challenges, to make a plan to overcome and raise above, those are the feelings I enjoy.

My goal is be a motivated, driven, creative developer that can deliver a successful product and able to assist others in achieving the same.

I am always eager to teach and be taught, If you have any questions or suggestions. I would happy to listen.

Thank you for visiting.


Geri's Scio

A home page design for my mom. A easy to use collection of her favorite web sites. Includes a collection of links to videos from many sources.

Created using PHP with a small MySQL database.

Tongere Blog

A very simple blog containing my thoughts.

Using Jekyll to create a simple HTML blog.

CSS Demos

A listing of examples of some cool little JavaScript tricks and functions that I've found.

Created in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

On Bitbucket at JSDemos on Bitbucket.

JS Demos

A listing of examples of some cool little JavaScript tricks and functions that I've found.

Created in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

On Bitbucket at JSDemos on Bitbucket.

HTML Notes

As I learn HTML, I'm adding the information to this site.

Using simple HTML and CSS.

Git Notes

While Git can be extremely powerful, a lot of use can be made from a small number of commands.

A single page of HTML.

Zostar Caves

A basic cave exploring game.

Using Contruct 2

Aerial combat

Flying a plane as aircraft apporach.

Using Contruct 2

Key Checkout Log

A lot of developers that come over from the IT side started writing utilities. And I'm no different. My current employer needed a system to track building and room keys. Originally the suggested method was a Word document that the On Duty Coordinator would then email out each day. Thinking quickly I volunteered to design and write an application that people would be able to enter the information as they take the key and then check it back in when done. The report is sent out each morning at 8:00am.

Some of the features

Default information preloaded
Most of the employees are from the same building
Useful error messages
A field that has an error turns red, and a description appears next to the field
Single click check in
A key does not need to be selected in the list if there is only one key checked out.

Created in C#

Reporting engine

While in the military I had a need to create a report. We were storing the battalions troops count in a FileExpress database and needed a much more complex report then what FileExpress could create. The needed to be broken down by gender, rank and reason for staying back from Dessert Storm.

The report needed to be created each day and would take two people from each company three hours to create the report. I was able to create two version one for the company and one for battalion.

The company level was pretty straight forward. The battalion level was a different story. I also needed to break the troops down by company as well. At the Company level is was read person, sort into proper slot. The extra layer of the company made this imposable. It became unstable and wouldn't run.

My saving grace was to switch an object oriented programming style. Read the person and hand it to the company they belong to and have the company sort through. Not only could it handle the increase in sorting, but it was able to handle the entire battalion in less time then the company version.

I did enjoy being in the military very much, but the three weeks that I worked on that project and learned OOP was a real highlight.

Unfortunately, I don't have the code to show off. But take my word for it, it was awesome! :)

Created in Turbo Pascal

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